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Replace your rusted cast iron drain cover

Our stainless steel garage drains are rust-resistant and built to last!
Don't wait, find a replacement today!
garage drain covers

Made to last from stainless steel

Our garage drain covers are designed to provide durability!
Discover more advantages of stainless drains

The only garage floor drain cover designed to fit and resist rust.

Find your own steel drain cover today!
All Sizes of Garage Floor Drains
Long-Lasting Stainless Steel Finish
Made in the U.S.A

Garage Floor Drain Cover Store | We Sell Durable Metal Drain Grates for Garage Drains

Stainless Steel Garage Drain Cover for Vitrified Clay Pipe

Stainless Steel Garage Drain Cover for Vitrified Clay Pipe

Garage drain grates fit clay bell sewage pipes: 4"-18"

Each Stainless Steel Drain has 6-8 support legs

Bell end sits inside a standard ceramic clay sewer pipe

Similar to cast iron floor grates but without the rust

Designed specifically to be a perfect fit for garage drains

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Stainless Steel Garage Drain Cover for Standard PVC Pipe

Stainless Steel Garage Drain Cover for Standard PVC Pipe

These garage drain grates fit standard PVC pipes: 3"-8"

Stainless steel drain construction for excellent strength and durability

The band is typically around 2.5" in height

The only floor drain cover that will fit your garage drain. Great replacement for cast iron drain covers.

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garage drain covers

Get The Best Garage Floor Drain Cover Replacement on The Market

When it’s time to replace your drain cover in your garage floor drain, you should shop Garage Drains! Not only do we provide unmatched materials with our stainless steel garage drains, but our garage drains are customizable to fit your needs. If you haven’t been able to find a garage floor drain cover replacement at your local department store, we can help. We’ll customize the drain cover so you don’t need to worry if it will fit. This saves you time, money, and stress from shopping around for drain covers.

Ready to get started and find the perfect garage floor drain cover for your space? Shop Garage Drains today!

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Floor Drain Cover With Flush Slide Lock (Designed to Fit!)

Floor Drain Cover With Flush Slide Lock (Designed to Fit!)

Our flush side lock floor drain cover is unique for its low profile and sliding locks. If you have an old and broken drain cover or an uncommon drain size, don’t worry! Our flush side lock cover is designed to fit any floor drain with ease! If you need to replace a broken cover, this stainless steel drain cover is good for reinforcing the already broken cast iron cover. 

Don’t wait to use our stainless steel garage drain cover to replace your cast iron floor drain! With our easy installation process, you’ll have a new and stronger floor drain cover in minutes!

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Cast Iron Drain Covers vs. Stainless Steel Drain Covers

GARAGE floor drain

Traditional Cast Iron Covers

Prone to rust and wear

Why Is a Cast Iron Garage Drain Cover Ineffective?

While cast iron may be great for cooking in the kitchen, it’s not ideal for garage drains. In addition to chipping more than steel due to its brittle nature, cast iron also rusts quickly when exposed to moisture. As a result, cast iron drain covers have to be replaced more often, costing you more. Save money instead by investing in a stainless steel garage floor drain cover from Garage Drains!

Why Choose For Your Garage Drain Cover Replacement?

When it’s time to replace your garage floor drain, you want to pick a solution that will last. Your garage goes through a lot, with a variety of things dirt, debris, weather changes, liquids, and chemicals all coming into your garage and, as a result, washing into your garage drain.

Because of this, you need a garage floor drain that’s durable and able to stand up to normal wear and tear without rusting or breaking. At Garage Drains, we only sell high-quality stainless steel garage floor drain grates since they provide the durability and reliability you need. Regardless of whether you use your garage for storage, an at-home gym, or just a place to park your car, our stainless steel garage drains will provide the durability you need.

Pick a Garage Drain Grate Cover That Will Last

If you want to preserve your garage, you’ll want to keep it protected with a garage floor drain cover. Moisture is the enemy of many products, and you need to keep it out of your garage, as standing water can lead to damaging mold and mildew. Just like a sewer drain cover, you want a garage drain cover that is built to last and keeps harmful water and debris out of your garage.

Don’t settle for any metal drain cover, choose a stainless steel drain cover from Garage Drains. Visit our products page to learn more about our garage drain cover options!