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Replace your rusted cast iron drain cover

The only garage drain replacements engineered for a perfect fit.
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The only garage floor drain cover designed to fit!

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Made from powder coated carbon steel

Our garage drain covers are made to last!
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Hard to Find Floor Drain Covers
Made in the U.S.A
Floor Drain Cover for Vitrified Clay Bell Sewer Pipe

Floor Drain Cover for Vitrified Clay Bell Sewer Pipe

Drain Grate fits Clay Bell Sewage Pipes: 4"-18"

Each Drain has 6-8 support legs

Bell end sits inside a standard ceramic clay sewer pipe

Compare to a stainless steel floor drain grate or drain strainer

Designed specifically to be a perfect fit for garage drains

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Drain Cover for Standard PVC Pipe

Drain Cover for Standard PVC Pipe

Fits Standard PVC Pipes: 3"-8"

Powder Coated Carbon Steel

The band is typically around 2.5" in height

The only floor drain cover that will actually fit your garage drain. Hard-to-find replacement for cast iron drain covers.

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Get The Best Garage Floor Drain Cover Replacement on The Market

When it’s time to replace your drain strainer in your garage, it’s time to shop Garage Drains. Not only do we provide unmatched materials, but our garage drains are customizable to fit your needs. If you haven’t been able to find a garage floor drain cover replacement at your local department store, we can help. We’ll customize the drain cover so you don’t need to worry if it will fit. This saves you time, money, and stress from shopping around for drain covers.

Ready to get started and find the perfect garage floor drain cover for your space? Shop Garage Drains today.

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Advantages of Powder Coated Carbon Steel Drain Cover vs. Cast Iron Drain Cover

Traditional Cast Iron Drain Cover

Replace rusty steel drain grates

Why Choose Garage Drains For Your Drain Cover Replacement?

When it comes to replacing your garage floor drain, you want a solution that lasts. A garage floor drain cover should be durable, resistant to weather changes, and able to withstand exposure to liquids and chemicals. After all, a garage is a space for storage, and a space that is exposed to the elements year round. No matter where you live, you want a garage floor drain cover that you can rely on. Garage Drains uses powder coated carbon steel to create all of our drain strainer covers, which are proudly made in the United States. Why do we use a powder coating finish? Powder coating is a type of coating used in manufacturing to add a tough finish to a material. This coating is applied electrostatically to all of our garage drains, and then it’s cured under heat. Once this coating is added, it creates a resistant surface that withstands chemicals, moisture, UV light, and extreme weather. Having a powder coating on your garage floor drain means that you won’t have to worry about wear and tear over time. Plus, this coating’s durability means it won’t fade and will maintain it’s sleek black finish for years. In addition to the powder coating, our garage drains are also made from carbon steel. Carbon steel is used in industries like construction and knife making to make durable items that work and last long. This is the ideal material for a drain strainer because it withstands wear and tear and it won’t rot like other metals. There’s a reason our garage floor drains come with a lifetime warranty and a guarantee to do the job.