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Five Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Replacement Drain Cover

If it’s time for you to replace your old garage drain cover, then you should take note of the best ways to prepare. If you know the dimensions of your drain cover and the type of garage drain replacement you want, then finding the right fit will be a breeze.

Ready to get started? Here are our tips for five questions to ask before you buy a replacement drain cover.

#1 What is the Shape of My Drain Cover?

Before purchasing a replacement drain cover, make sure you measure the dimensions of your current cover. Take note of the shape as well, as some garage drain covers are square while others are circular. If you have the dimensions in place, you’ll have more luck finding the perfect garage drain replacement. Here at Garage Drains, we can help customize the dimensions of our drain cover replacements so installation is a breeze.

#2 What is the Best Replacement Drain Cover Material?

If you’ve looked at hardware stores for a replacement drain cover, you’ve likely seen that most covers are made from cast iron or plastic. While the price may be lower, be wary of cast iron drain cover options. Your garage is a place that is constantly exposed to elements, not to mention the constant influx of dirt and road salt from your car. Cast iron is known to be brittle and rusts easily, especially when exposed to water.

For the best results for a garage drain replacement, choose our carbon coated steel covers. Carbon coated steel is engineered with extremely high tensile strength and shock resistance, which makes it ideal for a drain cover because it won’t wear down from foot or vehicle traffic. This material is also known to last for decades because it is resistant to rust and corrosion, which means that you won’t find yourself shopping for a garage drain replacement every few years.

#3 How Do I Install a Garage Drain Replacement?

When shopping for a new replacement drain cover, keep in mind that installation should be a breeze. You don’t want to spend hours trying to fit in a new drain cover and end up unsuccessful. Although our drain covers are durable, the design and installation is simple. All you have to do is fit the drain cover in place and let it be. Don’t be misled by drain cover replacements that require tools and an extensive installation process.

#4 What Should I Spend on a New Drain Cover?

When it comes to purchasing a new drain cover, keep in mind that a lower price doesn’t translate to higher quality. If you opt for the less expensive option, you may be stuck replacing the drain cover every few years.

Here at Garage Drains, we believe in one-time solutions. Once you purchase a replacement drain cover, you shouldn’t have to worry about finding another replacement due to rust or corrosion. Making the investment now means that you will never have to worry about a new drain cover in the future.

#5 What Other Ways Can I Improve My Garage?

If you are looking for a garage drain replacement, you may also want to consider other ways you can improve your garage space. If your garage floor is cracked or damaged, consider connecting with epoxy floor companies for a new floor coating. Or, maybe your garage just needs to be decluttered and cleaned. Think of other ways you can improve your garage, and this will make your replacement drain cover look that much better.

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