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Iron Versus Steel Floor Drain Cover | Why Does It Matter?

Iron Versus Steel Floor Drain Cover | What's The Difference and Why Does It Matter?

When it comes to shopping for new parts, like a replacement drain cover, material matters. There’s a large difference in longevity, usability, and price between materials like iron and steel. Knowing how these materials are used and what their best properties are will guide you in making the right choice for a floor drain cover, and any number of other appliances you need to purchase.

Here at Garage Drains, we use powder coated carbon steel on all of our floor drain cover products. Why? Because it’s the strongest and best material on the market. However, lots of garage drain covers use cast iron to create this application, and some manufacturers use plastic for their floor drain covers. Let’s break down the difference between iron versus steel floor drain covers so you can make an informed decision about your replacement drain cover.

Properties of Cast Iron

Cast iron is used in a number of applications, from cooking appliances to bridges. The group of irons that make up cast iron are iron-carbon alloys that have a carbon content higher than 2%. It’s used widely due to its relatively low melting temperature that allows for easier shaping.

In addition to the low melting point, cast iron has good fluidity and great machinability. This means that it can easily be bent and shaped into pipes, machines, and automotive parts.

Cast iron is known to be brittle, except in certain cases when malleable cast irons are being used. It’s also difficult to use in welding, though it’s resistant to damage by oxidation. Cast iron is used in products like floor drain covers because it is cheaper than steel and other materials. That’s because cast iron uses less energy and labor to produce than alternatives. When it comes to finding a replacement drain cover, you’ll probably see cast iron covers as the least expensive option.

Properties of Carbon Coated Steel

Per its name, carbon coated steel is a type of steel that comes with a high carbon content. The extra carbon makes the steel extremely strong and long-lasting, which is why you’ll find it used in knife making, piping, and construction.

Carbon coated steel is much less likely to rot when compared to other metals, and it also comes with extremely high tensile strength and shock resistance. This makes it ideal for a product like a floor drain cover because it can handle foot and vehicle traffic, and outside elements that make their way into your garage.

floor drain covers iron vs steel

Carbon steel is known to last for decades, and this is partially why it’s more expensive than alternatives. Thankfully, this type of steel is environmentally friendly to produce and it’s known to make products that are resistant to whatever application they are put through. When it comes to shopping for a replacement drain cover, this material will get you a product that lasts a whole lifetime, so you don’t find yourself shopping for a drain cover every few years.

Find The Best Floor Drain Cover Replacement

Now that you know the main properties of steel and iron, you can make a more informed decision about purchasing a replacement floor drain cover. If you choose cast iron, be wary that this material is brittle and is sensitive to temperature changes. Don’t be surprised if the drain cover breaks or slowly crumbles over time as it's exposed to more wear.

When you choose a carbon coated steel drain cover from Garage Drains, you’ll get a lifetime guarantee. Our floor drain covers are extremely strong and will not break or snap when exposed to weather, vehicle traffic, water, or other elements. If you want a replacement drain cover that’s really going to last, shop Garage Drains.

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