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What Type Of Garage Drain Grate Cover Do I Need? | Here Are Some of The Most Popular

Here Are Some of The Most Common Types Of Garage Drain Covers

If you’re shopping around for a new garage drain grate cover, the first task is to find the right shape and size. Once you know what style drain you have, you can begin comparing garage drain manufacturers to make your final decision.

Here at Garage Drains, we manufacture four main styles of drain pipe covers to suit customer needs. However, we are always able to further customize the drain cover depending on the width and height. If you’re just getting started shopping for a garage drain grate, here are some of the most common styles.

#1 PVC Drain Cover

drain pipe grate

A PVC drain cover is a standard cover that fits most PVC drains. This circular design easily fits into your open drain to provide safe, long-term coverage. When you shop Garage Drains, you’ll get a PVC drain cover that comes with a lifetime warranty. This drain cover is made from coated carbon steel that’s resistant to weather changes, wear and tear, and more.

#2 Vitrified Clay Bell Cover

drain pipe grate

A bell sewer pipe drain cover is perfect for sewer pipes of different sizes. This garage drain grate has a bell end that sits easily inside of a ceramic clay sewer pipe. Using six support legs, this drain cover fits like a charm and is guaranteed to last. Plus, it provides a .5 inch gap around the perimeters to allow for water flow. This is especially important when it comes to sewers. If you’re looking for a sewer drain pipe cover, this clay bell cover is the perfect solution.

#3 Floor Drain Cover Flush Slide Lock

If you have a broken cast iron drain, or an odd opening drain size, a flush slide lock drain cover is the solution for you. This style of garage drain grate comes with an adjustable sliding screw and expanding nuts that adjust to tighten against various size openings. This style of Garage Drain comes in a ⅛ inch thickness and is sleek and easy to install. This is a widely used drain pipe cover that fits a range of drains.

#4 Square Drain Cover

A square drain cover is used to fit inside a Tuf-Tite or similar style drain box. These covers are great for square shaped drains and, in fact, are the only drain cover designed specifically for square garage drains. If you’re looking for a lasting square drain cover, shop Garage Drains. We manufacture these covers with coated carbon steel that’s guaranteed to last.

Find The Garage Drain Grate You’ve Been Looking For

Garage Drains is proud to offer these styles of drain covers and provide consumers with options when it comes to drain cover replacements. Shopping for a garage drain grate cover shouldn’t come with a headache. Once you find a reliable manufacturer, the purchase and installation should be a breeze. With Garage Drains, it is!

All of our covers are made from coated carbon steel and are built to last. It’s time to throw away that old cast iron drain cover and replace it with something strong. Shop Garage Drains today.

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