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garage floor drain cover

When is it Time to Replace Your Garage Floor Drain Cover?

Is your garage drain cover rusted, deteriorated, or broken? Is the drain cover missing? Does it look old & ugly?

It’s time to replace your garage floor drain cover!

However, it can be very difficult to find replacement drain covers for your residential garage. Most big box stores do not stock them and due to the long history of drainage systems and lack of standardization there can be a wide range of diameter sizes. We hope you will be able to find the correct size you need on our website! We have created many popular sizes & styles of Powder Coated Carbon Steel Drain Covers.

Our drain covers are made of Powder Coated Carbon Steel instead of the traditional Cast Iron for many reasons. Powder Coated Carbon Steel is more durable, rust resistant, lightweight, and more attractive than traditional materials. Our drain covers are MADE IN THE U.S.A.!

Styles Options of our Powder Coated Carbon Steel Drain Covers

Sewer drainpipes are made under many specifications and dimensions may vary. Check the sizing of our drain covers to be sure they will fit your desired pipe. Please make detailed measurements.

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