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garage floor drain cover

3 Issues You Can Avoid With a Garage Floor Drain Cover

Don’t Let an Old Garage Floor Drain Cover Ruin Your Day 

When you think about renovations to your home, do you consider your garage as part of those updates? Or how about the functionality of your garage? If not, it may be time to give your garage some extra love. Even the smallest details, like your garage drain, play an important role in keeping your garage functional. Without a garage floor drain cover, dirt and debris can clog your garage drain and cause even more problems. 

Just like any clogged drain in your house, it can be a pain to locate the blockage and quickly clear it out. The same can happen to your garage drain. Due to high outdoor exposure, garage drains are prone to more blockages without the proper garage floor drain cover. 

There are 3 main issues you will face without a garage drain cover, especially in Northeast Ohio: leaves clogging your drain, standing water that freezes in the winter, and dangerous tripping hazards. Read on to learn why you need a garage floor drain from Garage Drains.

Leaf Build-Up

While fall is a beautiful time in Northeast Ohio, it also means long hours spent in the yard cleaning up leaves. When you walk from your driveway or yard into your garage, your shoes track in leaves. When you park your car in your garage, there are leaves on your tires and windshield.  It’s impossible to escape the leaves this time of year.

When all those leaves are tracked into your garage, they get picked up by extra water or the wind and then are pushed into your garage drain. Without a proper drain cover, these leaves will create buildup and will eventually block the entire garage floor drain. With our simple installation, you can have your new drain cover installed before the leaves become a problem.


Standing Water in the Winter 

 When the leaves fall and temperatures drop, you know it’s time for a long Ohio winter. Slippery ice is always a hazard, no matter if it’s on the roads or the sidewalks. If you have a garage drain that doesn’t drain properly, melting snow and ice pose a big threat to your garage. When freezing temperatures set in, standing water that has nowhere to go will freeze in puddles in your garage.

The next time someone walks out to get the mail or get in their car, they could slip and fall on a frozen puddle of standing water. Our custom-size garage floor drain covers are meant to keep all debris out of your garage drain so backups don’t happen. It can get cold quickly, so it’s important to make sure your garage drain is working properly before winter hits and leaves you stuck with freezing water in the drain, and on your garage floor. 


Tripping Hazards 

Whether you have an uncovered drain or a rusty old cover, you could potentially have a tripping hazard in your garage. Tripping accidents are painful and serious, but there’s a way to prevent it: a new garage floor drain cover.

When you install a new drain cover, you eliminate future accidents from happening due to the tripping hazard. Rusty drain covers are the problem you want to avoid the most. If someone were to trip on it and cut or scrape their leg, they could be at risk for tetanus. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your garage drain. 


Upgrade Your Garage With a Garage Drain Cover Today 

Here at Garage Drains, our drain covers are made in the USA and are known for their durable powder coated carbon steel finish. Our carbon steel finish is resistant to rust, high heat, extreme cold, scratching, chipping, and fading. They are designed to last and won’t need to be replaced due to our lifetime warranty. Our powder coated carbon steel drain covers are the best way to keep debris out of your garage drain.

Traditional cast iron drain covers are prone to rust and break very easily. You’ll never have to worry about your garage drain again with our easy installation process and durable drain covers. Contact us today to learn more about our custom sizes and prices! 

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