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Four Ways to Upgrade Your Garage | Garage Floor Drain Cover & More

Whether you use your garage as a space for work, or just use it for storage and parking, it’s important to keep the space maintained. Having a quality garage increases the value of your home, and adds a new space that can be used as you please. A new garage floor drain cover is a small but important detail to keep in mind as you think of ways to revamp the space.

If your garage is in need of a makeover, here are some ideas to get started.

#1 Complete a Thorough Clean

If you use your garage as a way to store tools, bikes, and other outdoor items, it’s inevitable that clutter will build up. Not to mention, a garage is constantly exposed to outdoor elements. That means dirt, leaves, and debris will build up over time, and need to be cleaned out regularly.

Start your garage upgrade with a thorough clean. What items can be given away? What items need to go to the trash? Decluttering your garage will give you a better idea of how much space you have. Not to mention, once the clutter is gone, you can give the garage floor a thorough clean. This will also show you if you need a garage drain cover replacement, as this detail can hide underneath dirt and clutter on your floor.

#2 Redo Your Garage Floor

garage floor drain coverIf you’ve been searching for ways to clean up your garage, you’ve probably come across companies that perform epoxy flooring installation. When done right, epoxy flooring can give you a long lasting garage floor that is completely customizable. This, in combination with a new garage floor drain cover, will make your garage look like new.

Take your time in searching for epoxy flooring companies. Modern flooring technology and materials gives companies the opportunity to offer customizable floors, meaning you can choose a color or design that fits your aesthetic. Also, keep in mind that you want a floor that will last. A new garage floor is a serious investment that should last a decade or longer, so don’t settle for a company that can’t offer this level of quality.

#3 Buy a New Garage Floor Drain Cover

A garage floor drain cover is a small element of your garage that makes a serious difference. Without a reliable garage floor drain cover, you’ll be stuck with a rusted, cast iron cover that grows brittle and can potentially break into pieces.

Garage Drains offers sturdy garage drain cover replacement options that will enhance your space. Our drain covers are built with coated carbon steel that can withstand weather changes, debris, and all of the elements. Plus, a garage floor drain cover from Garage Drains comes with a lifetime warranty. Once you make a purchase, expect it to last forever.

#4 Add a Touch of Style

Once you’ve purchased a garage drain cover replacement, it’s time to get creative. Think of ways you can upgrade your garage by adding a touch of personal style. Maybe you want custom shelves along the back of your garage space that can help with storage. Or, for diehard sports fans, consider adding a team logo to the center of your garage floor.

Don’t overlook the opportunities for customization in your garage. Just because the space isn’t considered a traditional part of your home, doesn’t mean it can’t be just as stylish. Talk to a garage flooring specialist about creative ways to spruce up your garage. This, combined with a new garage floor drain cover and an epoxy floor, will give you the space of your dreams.

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