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Why The Home Depot Drain Cover Won’t Cut It | Get a Customized Garage Drain Pipe Cover

Help! I Can't Find The Right Garage Drain Pipe Cover 

When it comes time to replace your garage floor drain cover, where do you start? Obviously you want to find a drain cover that fits, but that’s not as easy as it sounds. Most chain hardware stores, like Lowe’s and Home Depot, simply aren’t going to deliver when it comes to customizable garage floor drain covers.

A garage floor drain cover needs to fit your drain, but it also needs to last. This is not a part that you want to have to replace every year. Once you purchase a new floor drain cover, you should be able to move on and trust that this cover will get the job done. If you’re ready to shop around for a garage floor drain cover, here’s what you need to look for to find the best choice.

Customized Garage Floor Drain Cover

First, you want a garage floor drain cover that can come in a custom option. Every drain is different. Maybe your drain is classically square, or maybe you need a cover that’s perfectly circular. Not to mention, the size of the drain hole will differ between garages. If you want a garage drain grate that fits perfectly, you have to find a custom drain cover.

Unfortunately, Home Depot isn’t going to give you this option. Their floor drain covers may offer a few different shapes, but if you want a custom size, you need to shop Garage Drains. We can tailor our garage drain replacements to fit your exact specifications. That way, you know it’ll fit right, and you won’t need to run back and forth from the store. 

Strong Materials

Another key element of a quality garage floor drain pipe cover is the material it’s made from. Cast iron is a common material for a drain strainer, but be wary of this material. Cast iron is brittle, has low tensile strength, and is sensitive to temperature changes. Your garage floor is constantly exposed to the outside elements. That means that a cast iron garage drain cover will break quickly, and you’ll end up looking for another replacement.

Garage Drains uses powder coated carbon steel on all of our garage floor drain covers. Why? Because this material has extremely high tensile strength and shock resistance. In fact, coated carbon steel is used in knife-making and piping due to these properties. Carbon steel is also environmentally safe to produce. The powder coating reduces the chance of rust or corrosion, so you won’t need to worry about the drain cover breaking. This is the best material for your garage drain grate.

Long Lasting 

Finally, you want a garage floor drain cover that will last. As mentioned, this is not a part you want to have to replace every year, or even every five years. After all, a garage should be a space where you don’t need to be extra careful. It’s meant to be exposed to outside elements, and have heavy car and foot traffic. 

When it comes to finding a garage floor drain cover, pick a cover that comes with a 10 year warranty or longer. Here at Garage Drains, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our drain covers. We trust in our product and know that it can get the job done, so our customers don’t need to worry.

Shop Garage Drains today.

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