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Garage Drain Cover for a Vitrified Clay Bell (Designed to Fit!)

Original price $78.00 - Original price $358.00
Original price
$78.00 - $358.00
Current price $190.00

The only garage sewer drain cover that will work for a clay bell.

Bell sewer pipe drain covers

  • Floor drain cover that fits Clay Bell Sewage Pipes: 4"
  • Bell end sits inside a standard ceramic clay sewer pipe.
  • Each Drain has 6 support legs.
  • 1/2" gap around the perimeters to allow for water flow.
  • Powder Coated Carbon Steel
  • Garage drain covers for Vitrified Clay Bell are made from 1/8” thick 11 gauge and 3/16” thick 7 gauge A36 grade American Steel

Not all floor drains are made the same, and that’s why you need a drain cover that fits your exact garage drain. Our bell sewer drain covers are guaranteed to fit and stand up over time. You don’t want to wait until your sewer cover plate is rusty and broken. Only more problems can come from that. 

Just like the rest of our metal drain covers, our clay bell covers are made of powder-coated carbon steel for maximum durability. You’ll never have trouble with a sewer pipe cover again!

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Eric Dickerson
Clay Bell floor drain cover

This was a hard to find item. None available in northern Michigan that I could find and none of the suppliers could provide estimated delivery. Most had them on order for 6 months or more prior. This drain cover from came fast and fit well.

William Stanley

Appears to be good quality and fits the existing drain.

Don Zelinski
Drain Cover

Very nice cover. Strong and good looking. Fits pretty good, but has space between it and the clay bell. Around .25 to .5 inch. Still works though. I am satisfied

Frank R Yako
Customer Service

Excellent customer service and support in selecting the right product and through the entire sales cycle.

Paul Ashcroft
Great transaction!

Great company, product and communication.
The drain cover I needed was not easy to find, but this was exactly what I needed! Perfect fit!
Fast shipping and good communication through email made it even better!
I will not hesitate to do business again. A+